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Why CowCart?

Create Your Store With Just One Click

ou only need to register on the platform to have a professional online store and you can sell through it within minutes without any prior technical experience.

No Monthly or Annual Subscription

CowCart billing system is different from any other platform. You will not have to pay a monthly or annual subscription. You will only pay a very small commission if you get sales, if you do not sell anything, you will not pay anything.

CowCart Designed To Increase Your Profits

CowCart platform contains a wide range of tools that have been tested by professionals, which enable you to increase the conversion rate and thus increase sales.

Simple Store Without Complexity

CowCart enables you to have a simple and easy-to-use store for customers, starting from browsing the products through to the order completion page in order to ensure you the highest sales percentage.

24/7 Technical Support

When you use the CowCart platform, you are our partner. If you have any problem, do not hesitate to contact us at any time. We will be happy to solve the problem and provide the required technical support.

Super Protection

You will not need a security expert for your store, as the CowCart platform is secured by cyber security experts, in addition to each store having its own SSL certificate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

CowCart platform is a specialized platform that helps you create a professional online store without any prior technical experience within simple minutes and with unlimited features with multiple payment methods and innovative ways to display products.

There are no monthly or annual fees for using all the features of the platform. The billing in the platform depends on paying a small commission for each order you receive. If you do not receive any order, you will not pay anything.

You can deposit any amount in the platform to activate your store, starting from $1. This step aims to protect the platform from fake registrations.

The platform charges a very small commission on each sale to your customers, starting from 0.25% , for example, if you receive an order of 200 (USD, SAR, AED), you will pay only 0.5 (USD, SAR, AED) as commission.

Creating the store on the Cow Cart platform does not require any prior experience, just register and activate your account and start adding products and sections. If you have any problem, do not hesitate to contact us through the ticket system inside the platform and our support team will help you

The security of your store is a top priority for us, so all stores are secured by security experts, in addition to that, each store has a free SSL data encryption certificate.


How is commission count ?

There is no monthly or annual subscription to the platform. The billing is done through the commission system and therefore you will not pay anything until after you get sales while benefiting from all the advantages for free and unlimited.

Only with (0.25%) commission

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